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People who have voiced similar opinions include Dr. Howard Fuller, Joseph E. Robert, Jr. The unfairness of the situation is what drives me to get up between four and five a. Many people thought it was bold of Ms. DeVos to even show up at this meeting. After all, much of the press share a liberal political philosophy, and they have been attacking her as a person and her work professionally since before she even came into office.

The scholarships would allow individuals and businesses to make a financial contribution to a state nonprofit that would award these dollars to students for tuition or other expenses to fund their elementary or secondary school education. Those making contributions to these nonprofit entities would receive a dollar for dollar reduction in their federal tax obligation. As stated in USA today, Ms. DeVos, Mr.

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Cruz, and Mr. Byrne explain the rationale behind their proposed law entitled the Education Freedom Scholarships and Opportunity Act. Scholarships could help students access a whole menu of opportunities, including dual enrollment, special education services, advanced or elective courses not available in their assigned school buildings, transportation to out-of-zone opportunities, among many others. They also explain in their commentary why a new approach is necessary regarding the education of our children:.

The numbers tell a grave story. They are. A series of administrations on both sides of the aisle have tried to fill in the blank with more money and more control, each time expecting a different result. The plan is exactly the one that was promoted by Joseph Overton, a friend who was the senior vice-president at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy before he died in a plane crash in It comes a few days after the birthday of Joseph E.

Robert passed away at the end of The main driver behind the act is freedom, which is what has led to all of the major accomplishments in this world. The great crime of this organization, founded as Ms.

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Sounds like a nefarious group if there ever was one. Please allow me to explain what is going on here. For hundreds of years this country has depended on democratic systems to run our public schools.

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The result in urban classrooms is that quality suffered. They were not safe, they were not managed, there was very little education taking place, and the walls were literally crumbing around the children. Broad is utilizing the power of school choice to bring educational improvements to cities. It necessarily involves competition for students, since under choice systems, revenue follows the pupils. We rely on competition in life to make almost everything better.

In fact, I would make the case that those who argue that we should eliminate competition are schizophrenic. They are insisting on a view of reality that does not exist, and one that is completely inconsistent with the nature of mankind.

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American society is really at a turning point. We can continue the whining about privatization, millionaires contributing to charter schools, school choice in general, open meeting laws, answering FOIA requests, and all of the other nonsense. Or we can lead our lives in order to make a contribution to the betterment of society by doing everything we can to support those brave men and women who are working everyday with all of their might to educate those young people who in the past were tossed to the curb.

It is actually this simple. State Senate president Mitch Carmichael, according to Ms. Balingit, had this to say about the cowardly representatives:. West Virginia led the country a year ago by having the first strike by teachers for higher wages and benefits. This was followed by similar actions in other localities, most recently in Los Angeles. In many of these battles charter schools are cast as the villain even though all these institutions are doing is providing a quality education to those children who are currently not receiving one.

But if you followed the Washington Post editorial page commentary you would know extremely little about the lies being spread by unions across the nation about these alternative schools. This is too bad, since the Post used to one of the greatest proponents of educational freedom. Consider this piece in support of the Opportunity Scholarship Program:. Fenty as he prepares to testify tomorrow before a House appropriations subcommittee. There would be money to replicate high-performing charter schools. A Republican-controlled Congress barely approved the program in , and the Democrats who now rule the House are sworn enemies of vouchers.

Eleanor Holmes Norton D has been a fierce opponent. We would hope that Congress would recognize certain truths.


First, that the time for a rhetorical debate about this program has passed. There are 1, children enrolled — quite happily — in the program. A measure of its popularity is how demand for the scholarships outstrips capacity. Jose E. Serrano D-N. Of all the arguments against vouchers, the most pernicious is that they hurt public schools.

Never mind that D.

see url Public schools failed long before vouchers were even conceived of, and no less an authority than D. Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee dismisses that argument out of hand. We desperately need some of this bravery today.

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There are currently so many challenges facing our local charter movement, such as the lack of facilities and inequitable funding compared to the traditional schools, in which we could really use their help. But these arguments, along with the comments that charters are public schools that are privately run controlled by the dollars of millionaires, are perfectly identical to those that were offered when private school vouchers were first introduced.

They are being foisted upon us for one reason only; to protect the status quo so that unions can maintain control over the public school bureaucracy. It is time for editors of the Washington Post to point out the false statements by those against school choice, and to shine a bright light on the singular motivation behind their claims. What a great way to wake up in the morning. Connerty-Marin writes:. While she felt her work was important, she was also frustrated by her limited ability to help change the problems in the system that were at the root of the issue.

After 10 years, I saw that when I fixed it for one kid, there were 10 more kids just like him, right behind.

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I wanted to be part of a space where I could work on a system to serve all of those kids. I, and numerous school reform advocates, have for decades echoed the emotionally moving words of Ms. We would expand charter schools in the District to include management of low performing DCPS facilities. A high performing charter school would offer to take over Ballou High School. The city would push to greatly expand the Opportunity Scholarship program that provides private school scholarships to kids living in poverty. The Mayor and City Council would resolve the inequitable public funding of charters compared to the traditional schools and thereby end the FOCUS engineered lawsuit charters have brought against the local government.

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