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The strange thing, is that both writers highlight many of the same things, about our misunderstood neighbours. The Spanish writers name is, Daniel Utrilla and if any of you are interested and can read Spanish I can assure you that it will not disappoint. I am posting the link because is so bloody rear to read anything positive about Russia these day, thanks again and all the best fromantic Asturias, Spain.

Dear Dmitry, Producing commodities cannot be free so Germans are happy getting Russian oil and gas and selling cars and equipment to the big Russian market. A small group of oligarchs both private and public keeping the money in hard currency in offshore accounts. Russian state is not so kind with small and medium sized enterprises as bureaucrats are thinking about their pockets So the European SME has access to working capital at much lower cost. Finally Russia needs hard currency for its exports so maybe better to let Europe to continue being a source of hard rather than soft currency Mr Orlov, I follow Russian news and geopolitical analysis passionately.

You have just penned one of the most salient observations on the Russian soul as it pertains to the events that have transpired over recent years.

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Consequently, they thank God for the rain every time they are spit on the face. The blame, therefore, lies with the electorate who keeps electing these puppets. I don't doubt that Russia will weather the coming economic and social disruptions far better than the Americans will. I firmly believe that there will not be a United States twenty years from now. The danger is that the US and Israel will resort to nuclear war when they realise that the game is up and that they are about to lose their pre-eminent position in the world.

The Russians are fortunate to have a strong, intelligent leader like Putin. Dear mr. Orlov, thanks a lot! It is what I really know from long ago about Russia and Russians. It is true: Russia it a civilisation by it's self, and a great one. No need to mention the argument. To me when I refere to somthing good, real good mostly I've made the reference to Russians and Russia.

But the "others"hate the superiority of somebody else and only inferior people could hate without any arrgumentsor acknowledgemts of the facts. I find very bad what's happend at this very moment against Russia, but this could be the suiccide of the enemies of Russia. I hope not that they will pledge such a moronic succide!


It is time that the Western countryies will wake uo before the tragedy will occure. The reason that the west and her vassal states are provoking Russia is because they are only going to be wasting the life and blood of their 'people' I keep begging people to 'hold the responsible, responsible' but no one listens. If Barack Obama want to fight Russia let him pack up his kids and his wife and go fight. What does his desire and warmongering have to do with us? How LONG?

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The West feels it has 'too many citizens' and has been actively trying to maim them for some time they put fluoride in our water, for Gods sake, one of the most toxic hazardous wastes known to man so they are ready to pour out the lifeblood of millions of her citizens on Russian soil to gain a measure of 'control' But it is not necessary for this to happen But larger pouplace means less control and the 'destroyers' want to retain control more than anything.

Humanity is not 'owned' by humanity. Surely a well educated Russian knows the works of Tolstoy! Dmitry, I enjoyed reading your article and based upon my experience in working in Kazakhstan for a few years would agree with your summary of the Russian Character. I have many Russian friends that I met while working in Kazakhstan which runs along the southern border of Russia.

The Russian people that I know are courageous and strong willed people with an unyielding moral character. Their dedication to family, friends, faith, and "Mother Russia" are legendary. I saw 56 below zero wind chill winters in Kz. I cannot imagine winters in Siberia. I offer one additional thought for your consideration.

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  • Correct me if I am wrong, but Russia is still a Sovereign Nation and is no longer beholding to the demands of the Rothschild Banking cabal. While the USA, Inc. Putin understands this and exudes calm and patience as he awaits for the inevitable economic collapse in the USA, Inc. This is a very nice analysis indeed. And it's in perfect alignment of my own reasoning, as in "what could Putin possibly want from the west, that his own country doesn't already have plenty of? Europeans have very stupidly put themselves under Washington's thumb while alienating a natural ally in Russia.

    As a Canadian I am outraged at how our government and the media slanders and propagandizes Putin's Russia. I am also mad at my fellow Canadians who so gullibly lap this BS. An excellent history lesson, something Americans haven't a clue. A quick story on the US vs. Russian tolerance of religion.

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    Maintenance workers from the Daley Center accompanied by Daley Center security guards dismantled the creche with crowbars and sledgehammers, removed the stable along with most of the 21 figures. My father and a handful of friends and passersby saw the city workers stealing the statues and were able to grab 7 of them, the city stole the rest. The ACLU stepped in to close the creche down permanently, threatening my father with court.

    Being a Christian, my Dad fought the good fight and met them in court. He beat the ACLU and the creche went up. The creche was up again last Christmas, it's 29th year. Now, consider this, my Dad decided to take a creche to Russia.

    He set up an approx. He said all he had to do was simply fill out a form for a permit. It took all of ten minutes. That was an absolutely fascinating read. I'm an American and I hate the way the morons in our government have tried to vilify an entire nation and their leadership. It is reprehensible, we could do so much more together, as real partners as opposed to the malicious efforts by a corrupt regime to denigrate a strong, bright and resilient people.

    Well done. I am so proud of Russia and better yet I have so much love and respect for Mr. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin!!! I would take a bullet for Mr. Thank you for a interesting article. I find your descriptions of western and Russian mentalities quite striking and rather deep. Mentalities live very long, the millenia are their timescale. Quite persistent, they change rather slowly. After describing the Russian and the Western mentality, you have given an explanation of their origin which I find especially interesting.

    It coincides with my thinking on that theme, so 'I agree' is the least I could say my warm regards, Slobodan Cekic. Dmitry, thanks for brightening up my morning! You article is priceless!

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    What an insightful article. I have long observed and applauded the wisdom and patience of President Putin and regard him as the only current stateman. He is doing a wonderful job of making the West look totally stupid and exposing their contempt for the interests of their populations. Again he is setting a good example by treating his population properly and sets an example to the West of where they have gone wrong.

    A Russian woman impacted my life wonderfully when I was a child in Australia and now I understand her even more. Here is the interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. People are more likely to follow actual hyperlinks than something they have to copy in paste into their browser's address window, IMHO. Excellent article:precise and witty; thank you. I am Turkish and know about Russia through our common history.

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    Anybody taking Russia lightly will eventually regret it. The worst calamity which befell on Russia was the jewish designed and imposed communism. Now,there is only one direction for Russia: its going up. Aslan Aganoglu. I have learned so much from this excellent and most readable article. Some terrific comments also. Sincere thanks. Excellent article!

    Too bad most Americans lack the brains to comprehend what damage the district of criminals has done to America and its real national interest.