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Not because I wanted anything from her, only her presence.

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The disappearance of the presence of beauty is the most despairing of events on this time-wheel of ours that rolls onward towards death. Time itself is invariant. It just is. Therefore, past and future aren't separate locations, the way New York and Paris are separate locations. And since the past isn't a location, you can't travel to it. The time will pass anyway. We've lived.

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We've created things that last — things of joy, and things of burden. Perhaps time is naught but an illusion.

Goodrich, Making Wishes. Goodrich, Smile Anyway.

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The atmosphere had become a physical sensation. As when, before a masterpiece, the acid throat contracts, and words are millstones, so when the supernaturally outlandish happens and a masterpiece is launched through the medium of human gesture, then all human volition is withered at the source and the heart of action stops beating.

Such a moment was this. Irma, a stalagmite of crimson stone, knew, for all the riot of her veins that a page had turned over. At chapter forty? At chapter one, for she had never lived before save in a pulseless preface.

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How long did they remain thus? How many times had the earth moved round the sun? How many times had the great blue whales of the northern waters risen to spurt their fountains at the sky? How many reed-bucks had fallen to the claws of how many leopards, while that sublime unit of two-figure statuary remained motionless? It is fruitless to ask. The clocks of the world stood still or should have done. According to the Missing Persons Institute, remains were exhumed and people identified in , remains were exhumed and people identified in , while 47 remains have been exhumed and 77 people identified during the first half of the current year.

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Last month, Bosnia and Herzegovina signed agreements with Croatia and Serbia aimed at improving cross-border cooperation in the process of finding missing persons and hidden graves, to enhance the sharing of information and enable joint exhumations. Ahmet Grahic, president of the Association of Families of Captured and Missing Persons from the Municipality of Zvornik, also expressed dissatisfaction, arguing that the search for the missing has stalled. A whole team is then set up, resources are spent and nothing is found, and so they might find one or two graves out of a hundred.

He said that while the authorities dawdled, trees had grown over some potential grave sites and others had been covered up by landslides.

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Josip Dreznjak, president of the Grabovica 93 Association of Croatian Victims, said that not a single body from the village, the site of a massacre in , had been found, apart from two incomplete bodies that were handed over in The Missing Persons Institute argues that its current roster of 18 investigators is not sufficient for completing the process of finding the remaining wartime missing.

To complete the job, they would need at least 50 investigators, specially-trained dogs and high-tech equipment like ground-penetrating radars. Masovic said that it is hard to forecast when the completion of the process can be expected, but that it depends on political leaders sending out a clear message that mass grave sites must be revealed. Related Articles. August 1, July 9,