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Tomatoes require regular feeding. Apply granule fertiliser, supplemented with a soluable or liquid fertiliser regulary at recommended rates. Regular watering is more effective than frequent light sprinkles. To prevent disease occurring avoid watering the foliage. Early morning around the base of the plant is the most beneficial method. Nearly all tomatoes may be grown successfully in pots although the larger varieties need large deep tubs cm with good staking or support. Compact varieties such as San Marzano and Tasty Slice are ideal for smaller pots and great for small areas.

Simple Foods tomatoes are specially selected varieties chosen for their superior Garden performance. Our master growers use the best quality seed to bring you the strongest and healthiest tomatoes. Maxitom tomatoes are specially selected varieties chosen for their superior Garden performance. These tomatoes are grafted to maximise vigour, disease resistance and yield so the home gardener gets the best possible growing experience, whilst producing the tastiest tomatoes possible. Varieties ideally chosen for their performance in containers, tubs and troughs.

More suited for smaller garden plots.

Top hybrid performing varieties with great disease resistance. A selection of Heirloom and Old-Fashioned Varieties. Many different colours, shapes and sizes but ultimately chosen for their taste. Productivity may vary depending on weather conditions. Here are a couple of tips to effectively trim and maintain a hedge. Learn how to build a raised garden bed with this guide from Bunnings Warehouse. We can show you how to improve sandy soil to retain more nutrients and water. Find out how to create one using plants, hedges and walkways. But there are some steps you can take to create an allergy-friendly garden so you can spend more time gardening and less time sneezi Outdoor Living Five D.

Here are a few good ideas to get you started.

From Amelia to Viva

Caused by a fungus-like oospore, late blight Phytophthera infestans also devastates potatoes. Unlike early blight, late blight on tomatoes develops later in the summer, and always following a period of prolonged rain. Moisture and plenty of it is required to bring late blight to life, but problems have become much more widespread in recent years, especially in the north and eastern US, where late blight of tomato has gone from being an occasional problem to a constant concern.

Enter new varieties imbued with two or more genes that give them excellent resistance to late blight, and some resistance to early blight, too. And not to worry, these genes were manipulated using traditional breeding techniques, mostly under the direction of Dr. Gardner and his team began making progress with blight resistance in the late s, but their great gift to the gardening world came in , when they released an ensemble of breeding lines with multigenic resistance to both blights to anyone who wanted to work with them.

Best Tomato Varieties For Containers

The variety I grew, 'Mountain Magic', came directly from Gardner's program, but several more blight- resistant tomato varieties show the finishing touches of other breeders — including home gardeners who work with heirlooms. Stripey' also called Tigerella. More recently, super-resistant 'Iron Lady' was added to the list, along with 'Jasper', a tasty red cherry. See the alphabetized list below of these blight-resistant tomato varieties. While US gardeners have plenty of choices among disease-resistant tomatoes, the only up-to-date variety available in the UK appears to be 'Jasper', which has earned an RHS Award of Merit.

The variety Jeremy grew with such excellent results was 'Fantasio', which likely has single-gene resistance to late blight.

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An older hybrid, 'Ferline', fits into the same category; it will hold up under light disease pressure but will succumb when things get really bad. A Chocolate Stripes Tomato is one that will definitely get your garden visitors talking. It is a reddish colored tomato with brown stripes on its skin. So if you are looking for a tomato that has a good flavor, a good size, and is interesting to look at, then you should consider growing the Chocolate Stripes Tomato. Beef Steak is probably one of the most common types of tomatoes. It is the large red variety that grows to be about a pound each.

So obviously this tomato can be used for anything from salads to sandwiches, to canning. It is definitely a flexible variety.

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But if you are unfamiliar with a beef steak tomato, it is usually one of the largest tomatoes you can find. It just looks like a large traditional red tomato. It means little blonde girl. The reason for that is this tomato is actually a cherry tomato variety.

But unlike other cherry tomatoes, this variety is a yellow cherry tomato. I am a huge fan of yellow tomatoes because they have a milder flavor that is more palatable in my opinion. A lot of people really love these tomatoes because of how interesting they are to look at.

I mean, by most accounts, when we think of tomato we think of a round red fruit. So this is a medium sized heirloom tomato variety. The fruit grows to be about a half pound each, and the tomatoes are actually a blackish purple color. They are an heirloom variety and grow to be around two pounds. That is a lot of tomato!

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But they also are a beautiful orange color and have a great flavor to them as well. It is very sweet and almost fruity. So this variety of tomato would be good for those that like color, a larger tomato, and a milder flavor. When you go to the grocery store this is probably the tomato variety you see a lot of. Delicious tomatoes are red and round.

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But they are great slicing tomatoes and pack a lot of flavor with them as well. Their delicious flavor plays a huge role in their name. This is one amazing tomato. It is an heirloom variety that my research tells me originated in the Amish community. I found that they grow to be the size of most average tomatoes.