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At least in art…. The topics of my work show a connection with domestic life and its predominant relationship patterns and thus put social structures into their focus. In my work I emphasize the subjective grasp of the world mainly by putting into effect so-called female skills: sewing, embroidery, knitting and crocheting.

Therefore, I attempt to approach my subject from as many different angles as possible, including both history and story, pieces of a puzzle ensuing from communication and allowing additions as well as bringing about new questions. Working with female migrants, this also implies offering reliable ground for the regular experience of meeting with others and with language, which I have been doing since He shows that through the constant exchange of letters and frequent furloughs, rural soldiers maintained a high degree of contact with their home lives.

In addition, the author provides a more nuanced interpretation of the alleged brutalizing effect of the war experience, suggesting that it was by far not as complete as has been previously understood.

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This pathbreaking book paints a vivid picture of the dynamics of total war on rural communities, from the calling up of troops to the reintegration of veterans into society. How does the historian approach primary sources? How do interpretations differ?

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How can they be used to write history? Reading Primary Sources goes a long way to providing answers for these questions. In the first part of this unique volume, the chapters give an overview of both traditional and new methodological approaches to the use of sources, analyzing the way that these have changed over time.

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The second part gives an overview of twelve different types of written sources, including letters, opinion polls, surveillance reports, diaries, novels, newspapers, and dreams, taking into account the huge expansion in the range of written primary sources used by historians over the last thirty years. This book is an up-to-date introduction into the historical context of these different genres, the ways they should be read, the possible insights and results these sources offer and the pitfalls of their interpretation.

All of the chapters push the reader beyond a conventional understanding of source texts as mere "reflections" of a given reality, instead fostering an understanding of how each of the various genres has to be seen as a medium in its own right. Taking examples of sources from around the globe, and also including a student-friendly further reading section, this is the perfect companion for every student of history who wants to engage with sources.

Perspektiven soziologischer Protestforschung am Beispiel der neuen Friedensbewegung. Imperial Germany, , HST The aim of this module is to introduce students to the study of Imperial Germany. The Second German Empire, founded in , was a period of contradictions. It comprised both a widespread belief in superstitious forms of religion, as exemplified by the popular resonance of apparitions of Virgin Mary in the s, and some of the most innovative achievements in the sciences and humanities.

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The political system was characterised by the participatory effects of the introduction of universal male suffrage, which had no equivalent in any other major European country apart from France, and the persisting relevance of the Imperial court and traditional elites in the decision-making processes. The module will discuss these contradictions, and will built on a rich historiography which has discussed the possibilities and problems of political and social reform.

Key topics which are crucial for an understanding of these debates will be covered, such as the party system and the electoral culture of the Reich, the structure and sociability of the bourgeois middle class, the forms and impact of social militarization, and the emergence of radical nationalism from the s. Particular attention will be paid to the importance of confessional conflicts and identities in Imperial Germany and to the First World War as a social and political crisis.

The history of Weimar Germany has often been portrayed as an almost permanent crisis and the ultimate demise of parliamentary democracy.

http://ipdwew0030atl2.public.registeredsite.com/231564-mobile-phone-tracking.php But the Weimar Republic was more than just a polity and economy in crisis. It was also a laboratory of modernity, a site of permanent experimentation in politics, the arts and mass media, in gender relations and in attempts to built new communities. These experiments and their attempts to come to grips with the modern condition have also resulted in an extremely diverse and rich artistic and intellectual production, from Thomas Mann and Bertolt Brecht to Otto Dix and Siegfried Kracauer.

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The module will examine key topics in the political participation and symbolic representation of this classical modernity. It will explore these issues in a broadly conceived perspective, drawing upon a broad range of contemporary source material, both textual and visual. One key aim of the module is to allow students to think outside the box, to engage with a familiar topic from an unexpected and fresh angle.

The front-line experiences of soldiers in the Great War have for a long time been the subject of intensive scholarly debate and scrutiny. This module will focuse on one particular aspect of this vast field, the ways in which violence was exercised, experienced and expressed in languages of victimisation, sacrifice and male bonding. The module will take a comparative approach, comparing British and German soldiers at the Western front. The seminars will explore practices of violence as well as contemporary debates about the impact of trench warfare on the troops and wider society. Special attention will be paid to the analysis of primary sources letters, diaries, images which shed light on these issues, and a methodological consideration of their advantages and pitfalls.

This core module introduces students to the challenges of studying modern history at an advanced level. It explores the distinctiveness of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries as a period, the study of which raises particular questions about perspective and interpretation, about the relationship between academic history and public understandings of the recent past, and about the selection and treatment of sources across a wide range of media.

Classes will focus on some of the key themes and developments in recent historiography, including an engagement with the use of interdisciplinary approaches, particularly in the study of contemporary history. Benjamin Ziemann is a very experienced speaker. Over the past 15 years, he has given numerous invited lectures and papers at universities in the UK, eleven other European countries and the USA.

He has also held many public lectures at various institutions in the UK, Germany and Norway. Such a project is usually perpetrated by people who aren't very good hackers or find programming distasteful or are just in a hurry. A gedanken thesis is usually marked by an obvious lack of intuition about what is programmable and what is not, and about what does and does not constitute a clear specification of an algorithm.

Deodatta V. Shenai-Khatkhate :. Was wir heute sind, hat sich von unseren Gedanken , Handlungen und Entscheidungen von gestern entstanden; und ebenso unsere Gegenwart Entscheidungen wird unser Leben von morgen zu bauen. Word in Definition. The New Hacker's Dictionary 3. How to pronounce gedanken?

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