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Sunflowers, cattails, and spray chrysanthemums? It doesn't get much more Fall than that!

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Reeds of Hope is a stunning arrangement that makes a wonderful hostess gift, or even an accent arrangement! Relax the day away and enjoy some time in nature with our Natural Sunset basket arrangement. This country oasis is bursting with the colors of the sunset including orange roses and snapdragons, and petite yellow sunflowers and daisy poms. Take a foray into the purple dream of Very Violet. This flower arrangement is a regal display containing mini carnations, spider mums, and alstroemeria. You don't need a breeze to be charmed by the allure of this delicate bloom, which comes from the Greek word for "windflower," and symbolizes anticipation.

If you're going with a heart theme for your wedding, this tropical beauty, which stands for hospitality, has a Cupid-inspired shape that will fit right in.

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Like an extra in a movie who stays in the background, this popular bouquet and centerpiece filler—which signifies festivity—is often there to support the star flowers. With tiny white clouds for petals, it deserves top billing of its own.

When people think "wedding flower," this bloom often comes to mind. With its trumpet shape and elegant air, the calla lily more than stands up to its meaning: regal.

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Far beyond being just a lapel decoration, carnations can be massed together for a lush look that's affordable. The pink variety means gratitude, and white is pure love, but stay away from striped, which represents refusal. Looking like a cross between a pompom and a daisy, mums are a full-bodied favorite of weddings for their variety of colors, shapes, and sizes which aptly symbolize joy. A climbing plant of the buttercup family with large showy petals, clematis could be considered a brainy flower—after all, it symbolizes ingenuity and mental beauty.

What do marriage and this shapely spring flower have in common? Both represent new beginnings, which is tailor-made for a couple's big day. A kissin' cousin of the daisy family, dahlias originated in Scandinavia and mean from the valley , perfect for a wedding with a garden theme. If ever there was a flower that made the world smile, it's this pretty little thing, whose meaning is innocence. The daisy's free spirit vibe goes well with casual weddings.

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If you've been planning your big day for months years even , why not give a nod to your excitement by including this bell-shaped bloom, whose meaning is anticipation, in your arrangements? A sweetly fragrant spring favorite with up to 10 tiny, bell-shaped flowers on each stem, this beauty originated in Africa and represents innocence and friendship.

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This tropical treasure, known for its fragrance and waxy petals, symbolizes joy. It's earned a reputation as a popular flower for a bride to wear in her hair. A wildly popular member of the daisy family, the Gerbera differs from the traditional variety with rows of overlapping petals. With a name that means cheerfulness, its no surprise that it has the same sunny disposition. If you're athletic and looking for a flower that symbolizes your love of games, look to the highly fragrant hyacinth, which was named after a Greek boy and represents sport or play. If you love full-bodied flowers, this round bloom with an abundance of tightly packed petals is the one for you. Bonus: it's marriage ready symbolizing both perseverance and heartfelt emotion.

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The inspiration for the fleur-de-lis, France's national emblem, the iris represents three important entities: faith, valor, and wisdom. It's best known for its deep purple shading. Also known as camellia, this classic Southern charmer, which grows as a flowering shrub, has lush petals similar to the peony and glossy leaves. Newlyweds choose it because it exemplifies graciousness. Let's hear it for a flower that has a dual personality: It symbolizes both beautiful spirit and fickleness. American Express. Apple Pay.

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